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Choose your listing agent carefully!

This weekend I ran across a perfect example of why the selection process for an agent to list your home is so important.  A buyer who I have been working with for several months called me about a listing I had sent her for a home in the Goldfield Mountains North of Apache Junction.  I was already familiar with the house, I had showed it to a couple of clients earlier in the year, so I told them I would set up a showing for them.

The next day, the listing expired on MLS, meaning that it was no longer under contract to be sold. It was saturday afternoon around 4 pm, so I texted the agent asking about whether this was going off market, or if it would be renewed.  No answer to my texts, so I called his cell phone.  His voicemail informed me that if it was “after 5 or Sunday, he would call me back the next business day”.  Well, that meant that the showing would have to be on Monday rather than Sunday as my clients had hoped.  I left voicemails on the office phone as well as emailing and texting again.

Monday morning rolls around and no call back.  No text or email either.  When I called in to the office, I got an admin who said she didn’t know when the agent would be in or return my calls.  When I asked her for a timeframe, she told me it would probably be better to just try to get my info from her.  Turns out that the agent, (From a giant company dedicated to making their agents wealthy) had blown off getting the listing renewed, but would be relisting it that day.  I went ahead and scheduled a showing, and never got called back at all.

So I guess the point is if you are hiring someone to do a job, find out what they think a business day is, and check to see if they return your calls.  In most circumstances, this guy’s crappy attitude and lack of a work ethic would have cost the seller at least a showing, and possibly a sale.  The only reason I pushed so hard was that I had shown the property already and talked it up to my clients, only to have it disappear off their search because the listing expired.

We Realtors are a very important investment, don’t sell yourself short by hiring someone who won’t work for you!




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