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What does Allyn & Associates sell?


I recently sent out a link to my company Facebook page, inviting friends to like it.  I heard back from a respected friend who asked “What does your company sell?”.   I was a little caught off guard, and I gave a glib answer, “we’re REALTORS, so I guess what we sell is Arizona!”

Since then, I’ve been thinking a lot about just what it is that Allyn & Associates does sell.  Instead of the obvious line, maybe a better answer would have been that we sell peace of mind for people that are buying or selling real estate. Our knowledge and experience is what makes us valuable, not the properties we’ve sold or the commissions we’ve made.

A “civilian” is at a distinct disadvantage in the real estate market today.  Just the fact they do not have access to the marketing tools real estate professionals use,  primarily the Multiple Listing Service is a big handicap.  But when you add in unscrupulous real estate agents representing the other party, you really do need a REALTOR on your side to help you stand up to them, and to know where to draw the line.

Since we started selling real estate here in Apache Junction, we have changed the way we do business a number of times, the company has grown, shrunk, and grown again.  Kathy and I took over the business last year when my father passed, and now we’re getting a much better perspective on the difficulties of running a brokerage in Arizona.  Association fees, continuing education, MLS access, Lockbox keys and lockboxes themselves.  Throw in the “details” of business cards, websites, social media, even signage and sign placement, and it’s nearly a full time job in itself!

Even with all the changes and updates to the industry, the one constant has been that we ALWAYS have our client’s backs.  We interact with sellers agents for buyers, so that they can get the best deal on a home possible, and we help our clients with properties for sale market them and get the best possible price for their homes.  This sounds like a mutually exclusive thing, but the fact is that nobody should walk away from a deal feeling like they lost.

If there is any way we can help you, or if you know anyone with real estate needs, I hope you’ll give us a call, text or Email anytime!





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